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Fun Facts About Domain Names

You don’t have to be a domain expert to realize what a huge place the internet is. And, it is growing more and more rapidly every single day. Just imagine the loads of information that gets uploaded on the internet right at this moment. It is pretty fascinating!

In fact, by 2016, around 142 million ccTLD’s, country-specific domains were registered. And, there were 195.43 million domains registered in the webs space, as of February 2017. Impressive, huh? Find even more fascinating facts on domain name system and TLDs you most probably didn’t know about in the infographic compiled by experts from Websitebuilderau.com

Did you know that in 1983 Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System? Domains were free until 1995. And, it was only in 1999 when the Domain Name System got privatized. These were just bonus facts!

Given the exponentially growing internet landscape, there are plenty of facts about domain names that are very interesting to know. So, follow us!

Here are 4 fun facts about domain names! Enjoy!
com – The First .com Domain Name On the Internet
Symbolics.com registered its domain name on March 15, 1985. And…congratulations to the first officially registered .com domain!

It was Symbolics Computer Corporation of Cambridge, MA that registered the domain name. Then, in 2009, the domain name got purchased from the Symbolics Computer Corporation by a small group of investors from Irvine, CA.

Currently, the domain is kept as a web monument, where everyone can visit and witness the history by himself/herself.

Soviet Union Domain Names – Still Available for Purchase
As odd as it is, as it sounds, you can still register the Soviet Union .su domain name. Although the historic state doesn’t exist anymore, it has kept its presence online. And, surprisingly or not surprisingly, the number of .su registrations continue to grow to this exact day!

com – Googol.com
Google.com was supposed to be Googol.com. Life would have been so different!

Initially, Larry Page and Sean Anderson, the founders of Google, wanted to name their company “Googol.” The latter is the term used for the number value 1 followed by 100 zeros.

When the founders searched for “googol” to be an available domain name, they made a small error in the spelling of the company name. That was how Google.com was registered and the name Google was born!

14,962 Domains Registered in a Single Day by a Single Person
Surprising, isn’t it? Well, we are telling you the truth. Mike Mann once bought 14,962 domain names in just 24 hours, with the purpose of selling them later at higher prices.

But, why so many? To that question Mann had his spectacular answer, “I’m just really greedy, I want to own the world.” What a generous and greedy investor Mann is!

Maybe, one day you will want to register your own domain. And you should always be informed to make the most out of domain options available. So, explore the most interesting data about Domains in the infographics!

Fun Facts About Domain Names

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