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OptinMonster Review

Looking for ways to leverage the power of Email Marketing in order to get more customers and make more money?

In this OptinMonster Review, we’re going to look at one of the most popular lead generation tools for bloggers and marketers.

We’ll talk about the benefits, disadvantages, and whether or not we recommend this tool for you.

Here at Web SEO Marketers, we love to talk about ways to make money online, and email marketing is definitely one of the coolest ways to do so. That’s why today we bring you a review of one of the most powerful tools that you can use to build an emails list for your business.

Email Marketing is when you send mail to people who gave you their explicit permission to market to them.

Email marketing is all about promoting your business through sending emails and newsletters to people included in mass mailing lists about deals or services offered by your business.

It is the single, most powerful way to grow your online business and increase your revenue.

Here are some reasons why email marketing is so good for any online business:

Trust is already there (If they gave you their email address, they trust you).
There are needs and desires to be fulfilled, pains and problems to be solved.
There are thousands of huge companies already taking advantage of it.
Want to know more about it?

OptinMonster Review 2019 A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
Email marketing is extremely powerful because it’s the shortest way for you to earn a serious buck.

But it takes work to get to that point, and at all sides, you’re beset with wrong ways of doing things.

For example,

You could buy some pricey software that’ll spam the hell out of people, getting you an address or two in the process.

You could do that…

But that scorched earth approach would leave your business burning in the end.

The other route is to use a lead generation tool like OptinMonster, (the best lead generation tool on the market today); to collect leads and send them down your well-crafted funnel.

This approach works very well, but if you want it to work for you, you need to read this OptinMonster Review 2019, because everything you must know is right here:

What is OptinMonster and how to use it?
Cool features and minor, annoying drawbacks?
How to set up a campaign with OptinMonster?
How much does it cost?
And much much more…
After you’ve done the reading, your head will spin, you’ll have an information overload.

But when it all settles down for you… You’ll know what to do next, and I’ll smile because this OptinMonster review was able to help you.

Ready to proceed?

Let’s go!

Table of Contents:

OptinMonster Review 2019 – Detailed and Actionable!

  1. OptinMonster’s Interface – Simple and Elegant!
  2. Different campaigns for different Objectives.
  3. Choose a template, get rolling right away.
  4. Taking visitor targeting to a new level!
  5. OptinMonster is a time saver for those with multiple websites.
  6. Easy to Integrate with all Popular Email Marketing Services
  7. Easy A/B Testing for Increased Conversions
    How much does OptinMonster cost?
    Rejoice WordPress users, there’s a new plugin coming your way!
    How to Create your first Optin with OptinMonster
    Step #1- Creating your first campaign
    Step #2- Quick form configuration (setting it up)
    Step #3- Publish the optin on your site
    OptinMonster optins in action: 3 Examples of how I use it on my site
    Conclusion: OptinMonster Lead Generation Plugin. Is it the right choice for YOU?
    OptinMonster Review 2019 – Detailed and Actionable!

This is how it’s gonna be.

We’re gonna dive headfirst into my OptinMonster Account, and I’ll take you by the hand and lead you on a guided tour of its features and what you can achieve with it.

You will also learn where OptinMonster falls short. 🙁

Then, I will prove to you that it’s insanely easy to make a high converting Opt-In form in just 5 minutes or less, even if you’re a total newbie (hey, we’ve all been there).

Here are the 7 features I like and can’t live without (I tried and life was hell 🙂 )

  1. OptinMonster’s Interface – Simple and Elegant!
    Tell me:

Have you ever had a problem with an overcrowded screen?

The one with a myriad of options, buttons, and tabs; starring at you; asking, SCREAMING to be clicked on. And you, the confused webmaster, almost desperate, didn’t know where to turn, where to click first, where that damn X button is…

Sorry to bring back painful memories- it’s to prove a point. And if you answered no- you’re lucky to have that less dread in your life.

But OptinMonster delivers excellent user experience on this one.

It is really very simple, (and feels simple) and you’ll get familiar with it in 10 minutes or less.

Because the interface is:

Easy on the eyes
And best of all, it’s tabbed.
What I mean is, the entire interface is just one screen, and you only need to point and click your way to where you want to go.

Wonderful stuff, as it removes the stress of having to juggle between a dozen different browser tabs.

But why do I bother to even tell you, when I can simply show you?

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A poweful lead generation plugin

So you have options on the left, and the top. When you click, you aren’t taken to another window, but it loads in the same screen while keeping your work saved of course.

It’s a time saver and mighty convenient.


I’ll explain those options in detail when I show you how to create an optin with OptinMonster. If you want to go there right away, click here.

  1. Different campaigns for different Objectives.
    Here’s the truth:

There’s really nothing like a perfect campaign, you will never get every visitor to become a subscriber, or even most of your readers. In fact, only a small percentage will ever subscribe to your email list, those who really care.

Should that demoralize you?

Not at all.

It’s something we all have to work with and the smarter approach is to simply create several campaigns so that your readers can’t but see at least one of it.

And when they look,- they think; when they think- they ponder over (it). And when you get them to do that, generally, good things tend to happen🙂

OptinMonster offers 5 different types of campaigns that you can choose from:

Popup – The classical one – You’re reading an OptinMonster review so I bet you know what popups are.
Fullscreen – The user can’t avoid your message as it’s shown across their screen. Very effective.
Slide-in – Optin slides in and attracts attention by movement. Works well because it breaks the pattern of a still screen.
Inline – After you amazed them with your awesome content, you give them the option to subscribe for more goodies.
Floating bar – Always at the top (or bottom), always following, you can’t escape from it- so you better sign up
OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

That’s plenty to choose from based on your needs, but this next feature will put a smile on your face, I promise.

  1. Choose a template, get rolling right away.
    In email marketing (and marketing in general), indecision and procrastination are the enemies. The killers of results. The results you might have had, had you not spent so much time trying to think of a perfect optin.

Newsflash– there isn’t one!

But there is taking action, measuring the results, what worked, what didn’t, and then improving upon that.

Email marketing is a hit-and-miss game and the point is to keep doing and improving.

To keep going…

That’s what these beautiful templates are here for. You choose one that fits your needs, write your best copy, offer a bait, and send it to the world.

Soon you’ll know what to do next.

OptinMonster offers plenty to choose from

Take a look:

Optinmonster Templates GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Pro tip: These templates are very stylish and pretty to look at, but they actually obscure the way the optin will look once it’s live.

To see that hover over the optin you want and click “Preview“.

  1. Taking visitor targeting to a new level!
    This is just a sneak peek for you, as I’ll talk more about it when I show you how to build an optin with OptinMonster and how to make it ultra effective by setting rules and triggers.

But for now, I will tell you that OptinMonster has developed a highly sophisticated targeting system, one that allows you to refine your campaigns to an insane degree.

I promise, at one point it’ll feel like you’re taking the exact reader by the hand and showing him/her exactly what they want to see.

It’s crazy and it’s here that OM shines best.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

  1. OptinMonster is a time saver for those with multiple websites.
    This one won’t apply to everyone, but if you’ve been naughty and made several websites in the hopes of diversifying your income eggs (really, what were you thinking!?); and find it a pain in your Gluteus to manage all of them…

Rejoice, as OptinMonster has got you covered.

All optins created through them are served over the same interface, which means no hopping around and wasting time.

One website, or twenty websites, it doesn’t matter.


  1. Easy to Integrate with all Popular Email Marketing Services
    Out of the box, OptinMonster integrates easily with all major email marketing platforms. Indeed, they integrate with more email marketing services than any of their competitors, and that’s definitely a plus.

Aside from their native Email Service Provider integrations, OptinMonster allows you to integrate with any other email marketing service providers as long as they provide custom HTML form code, which most of them do.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

  1. Easy A/B Testing for Increased Conversions
    If you know what A/B testing is and why it’s important to your business, then you’ll be glad you’re using OptinMonster.

Because this tool has all the basics covered.

What can I test with it?

How about- everything!

From copy to images to color; to buttons, fonts, and headlines; to different rules and triggers. You can test it all to get the maximum subscribe rates on any campaign you run.

But I must warn you- if you’ve never done A/B testing before, you’re bound to make mistakes at first.

That’s ok, you’ll improve as you go and it’s crucial that you have the option to test the heck out of it.

Kudos for OptinMonster for their work, and if you want to learn more about A/B testing check out this blog post at OM’s blog. It’s an eye-opener.

How much does OptinMonster cost?
OptinMonster is a premium tool/service.

That is bad… or good, depending on your perspective. If you hoped to just test the water, and maybe, just maybe- purchase. Then tough luck my friend, it ain’t gonna happen.

You have to choose and that you do according to your business’s needs and your budget. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that OptinMonster will keep their 14 days unconditional Money-Back guarantee, in case your not happy.

So you really have nothing to lose… If you don’t like OptinMonster over the next 14 days, they will happily refund 100% of your money.

Also, if you want to get Optinmonster in order to capture more emails and grow your business, as my beloved reader, I was able to get you an additional 10% Discount on top of any promotion they might be running on their site.

Simply use the following link Optinmonster Discount, and use the coupon code “SAVE10”

Here’re your options:

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

“Which one is best for me”?

Best depends on your individual circumstances. If you’re a beginner blogger or small business owner who wants to start collecting emails to steadily grow your business, go with the basic one.

If you’re a humongous site, go with the Pro or Growth plans, since these are the ones that will give you the most value and all the features you can hope for.

Also, is good to keep in mind that there’s a page view limit on all packages.

For example, the Basic package has 5 000 pageview limit, and Plus 15 000. They’re similar in features you get, but which one is better for you depends on your traffic numbers.

Also, the Basic package is fairly limited compared to the others, but if that’s the one you can afford, it will also help you start growing your email list effectively.

For instance, you don’t have access to exit -intent technology and monster links, and some fine-tuning when it comes to segmenting your visitors for better targeting.

That’s a bummer and something to keep in mind,

Overall, if you’ve never dabbled with email marketing before, and you want to try then go with OptinMonster Basic.

That’s an excellent choice!

On the other hand, if you’re a pro and desire flexibility, and know how you want your optins to be, and why you want them like that, and that only OM can deliver- then go with the OptinMonster Pro.

It’s gives everything OM shines for, while still falling on the cheap side of optin builders.

Rejoice WordPress users, there’s a new plugin coming your way!
OptinMonster actually started out as a simple WordPress plugin, so it’s no surprise there’s a dedicated plugin.

Now, you won’t be able to actually create optins in your dashboard. You’ll still have to make them within your OptinMonster account, but once created, you’ll be able to manage them all without leaving your dashboard.

Centralization like this makes your life simpler!

Here’s how to install OptinMonster WordPress plugin
In your WP dashboard, go Plugins/Add new plugin/OptinMonster.

Install it and activate.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
Now, before you can use it you need to get it connected with your API key. So go to your account and click “My account“. Then, at the top, you’ll see a tab “API”.

Click and simply create the key.

Once done, copy and paste in your WP dashboard.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
How to Create your first Optin with OptinMonster
In order to succeed with email marketing, you must take the ready-fire-aim approach to do things.

Notice something strange?

I didn’t say the ready-aim-fire approach.

That’s because it’s insanely easy for it to become ready-aim-aim-aim-aim… You never get to the fire and you never get the results you want, the results you deserve.

An action is what moves the needle and I’m all about it… Taking action and be where you need to be.

How about we take the first step together and learn how to craft an optin with OptinMonster.

It’ll be a simple one. It won’t be flashy, and it won’t dazzle. but it WILL deliver.


Step #1- Creating your first campaign
To start, you need to click the green create a new campaign button.

Once you do you’ll be given a choice of choosing the type of campaign you want.

Different campaigns have different results, and using several of them is the way to go. But for now, choose one (and a template to go with it).

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
Then you need to name your campaign and set the website that’ll host that optin.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

Step #2- Quick form configuration (setting it up)
As you enter the interface you will see your optin template surrounded with various tabs you can interact with. It’ll look complicated at first but I promise you’ll laugh once you see how easy it actually is

For starters, you can click on your optin and change it right there and there

Here’s what else you can do:

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

Now I will briefly break down what each tab does for you. Make sure you pay attention and if you don’t get something, remember- images are our friends.

  1. Optin
    Here is where you can change how your optin will look. From messing with the background to adding custom CSS, to changing the fonts.

You can also improve the border of the optin to make it more noticeable (contrasting colors usually do the trick).

You can also tweak:

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
I’d like to take a second and single out the option to move around the close button.

This is a bit of psychological trickery.

You see:

Folks expect to find the close button in the top right corner. And OptinMonster lets you go on a loose and break that pattern.

For example, you could put it in the top left corner. Seems absurd, but trust me, folks would be confused and they’d need at least one more second to find the close button.

That extra time is your chance to convert someone who’s having second thoughts about signing up.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
After all, it’s another thing to A/B test.

  1. Blocks
    Here you can drag and drop blocks and elements to customize your optin to the extent that it looks unique.

Because templates are great and all but people (read: webmasters) are lazy. Too many a time they’ll just copy the template and call it good to go. This means that by shaking it up a bit, you stand out.

Here’s how…

First, you need to transfer the desired column to your right

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
Then you need to add an element to that block.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
Repeat the process with other blocks. Just keep in mind that usually simpler= better. Because people DON’T want to fill in your forms.

So make it easy for them.


  1. Display settings
    This is crucial.

Here is where you set up cookie duration for each visitor that lands on your site.

Why is this important?

Well, it isn’t. I mean, if your goal is to annoy your readers and drive them away, then by all means, don’t bother with the cookie settings

However, if you want to keep your readers and please them in exchange for their email and brand loyalty, then you do need it.

Let’s say you get a brand new visitor, they see your full-screen popup and convert.


But then that same person visits tomorrow and your popup again shows its (now bothersome) face. It’d be plain annoying and some of your fresh subscribers would hurry to leave out of protest.

Bummer man:(

But you can avoid it and now you know where to look.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

  1. Campaign notes
    A place to jot down your optin goals, and what else you need to do and how you intend to improve it. Very useful when you start doing heavy A/B testing.
  2. Yes/No
    Ready for a paradox of a sort?

You constantly read that the fewer steps people need to take to get something, the more of them will do it.

Ah, the comfort of knowing that optins must be simple,

More people subscribe
Numbers grow
Revenue explodes
Profit on the rise
ah, bliss… 🙂

And then comes OptinMonster with their Yes/No feature and destroys that illusion.

I’m kidding of course.

We have the knowledge, but it’s up to us to make it work for us.

Here’s one optin you’ve probably seen around my blog…

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
What are Yes/No optins exactly?
They are optins that give the reader a chance to say either yes or no.

By declining- they get nothing. By accepting- they get a chance to subscribe and then get something of value.

Yes/No optins work because they’re based on 2 psychological principles.

One is the Zeigarnik effect.

What is it?

Basically, people who start a task are more likely to finish it. Don’t ask me why as I’m not a scientist. But, If you ever felt the nagging pressure of a job half done, then you know why it works.

Use it to your advantage.

The second is the effect of choice. When people feel they’re free to choose, they feel elated and many will make a choice, and for you, that means new subscribers.

  1. Success
    After people fill out your form, then what?

You have 3 options to give:

Close and show the page they’re on – the best because it is good UX. They didn’t come here to sign up to your list, you know.
Redirect to a thank you page.
Show a success message
thank you message
A bit ugly, if you ask me. But effective nonetheless.

  1. Display rules
    The display rule tab houses the most important features OptinMonster has to offer.

It is here that you decide:

Where will the optin appear?
When the optin appears?
To whom it appears to.
And since all visitors are not created equal, you can and should segment them further.

You can do it by:

Distance scrolled
Time on site
New visitor
Returning visitor
They clicked on Monster link
Visitors using Adblock
Specific URL anchor/parameter
It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

Here’s how I set it up:

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin


The first “Conditions tab” lets you set the conditions that have to be fulfilled for the optin to appear. In my example, I set my optin to show when a reader has spent at least 20s on a single page.

But if they flick around between pages then the rule is that the optin appears after 90 seconds of time on site (regardless of the page they’re on) have passed, but no more than 120s.

That means it’ll be unavoidable.

The second “Action” tab shows you what will happen.

And the third “Summary” sums up what you expect to gain from your optin. It’s for your ease of use.

  1. Integrations
    Here you sync up to your preferred email marketing provider. OptinMonster has you hard pressed to NOT find the one you’re subscribed to.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

  1. Analytics
    To view your stats, you’re going to need to connect with Google Analytics. This is no problem for me. I use GA religiously.

But for you, it might be. Do you use Clicky for example to get your stats? Too bad; because it’s either GA or no deal.

This is a minus for OptinMonster because most other optin builders have their own built-in analytics.

Step #3- Publish the optin on your site
Self-explanatory. Press publish and the form is officially live on your site.

Pro tip. To check and see if it worked, go to the incognito mode in your browser. This will remove cookies that might otherwise prevent you from experiencing the magic of freshly baked popups.

OptinMonster optins in action: 3 Examples of how I use it on my site
I want to show you how to use OptinMonster to its full potential. The greatest strength is that you can combine several optins to ensure at least one comes through to your visitor.

And afterward- anything can happen.

What do I mean exactly?

If you check out the guide in which I teach you how to earn with Google Adsense you can clearly see an inline optin being implemented.

That’s the one that offers a content upgrade to anyone who clicks on it.

People are in a hurry, but still want to learn to make money with Google, so they click and save the PDF for later perusal, and all it took is giving their name and email.


content upgrades, excellent use of inline optinmonster optin
Second, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen my fullscreen optin that conveniently shows up right when a visitor is about to leave (it’s the exit intent technology folks at OptinMonster are famous for).

Like I said in a previous article about Optinmonster:

The full screen with Exit Intent was second best performing type of form, with a conversion rate of 4.59%, this is actually the form that gets me the highest number of subscribers since it really does well at converting those visitors who are about to leave without taking any action.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin

I was able to boost my blog’s traffic by 135% in just 60 days.

It wasn’t a fluke or luck. It was a well-devised system of content creation and promotion that helped me accomplish that.

And instead of keeping the secret to myself, I selflessly give it away.

But you have to prove you really want it, that you’re not some tire kicker on a hunt for free stuff. You prove it by confirming you want it first and then giving your email.

OptinMonster Review 2019 – A Powerful Lead Generation Plugin
As a bonus point, people who confirm that they really want what’s behind the optin are more likely to take action on what you recommend in the future. Which is the whole point, anyway.

Conclusion: OptinMonster Lead Generation Plugin. Is it the right choice for YOU?
Alright, we’re at the end or my OptinMonster review. This lead generation plugin/tool is often touted to be the best in the biz, but is it so?

Let’s see:

It’s pros are:

Simple interface
Plenty of optins to choose from
A huge number of templates to pick from
Integrations with all most popular email marketing providers
Detailed triggering and targeting options including the coveted exit intent
Sophisticated A/B testing
There’s a WordPress plugin
In-dashboard analytics for you to review how your optins are performing
Easy optin management for several websites, within the same dashboard
It’s cons are:

There isn’t a limited Free Option or Free Trial
Instead, the lowest tier is Basic which comes about $108 per year
Requires Google Analytics to see your stats
OptinMonster gives you all you’ll ever need to build a thriving email list, chock full of folks eager to hear and buy from you.

On the other hand, since there is no free version you have to start paying right away and although it’s true that the money is in the list, it takes time to build that list.

So OptinMonster is an investment. Think about it like that and you can’t go wrong.

I know I didn’t.


Don’t forget to use the coupon code “SAVE10”.

Have any questions about OptinMonster?

Feel free to leave them in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to reply.

Also, don’t forget to share… Always remember, Sharing is Caring!

See you around!

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