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I’ve now decided to start accepting guest articles on this blog. However, I must very strict about the requirements for the articles to be published here since I’d like to ensure that we maintain the quality of the articles that are published here, and I expect our contributors to do the same.

Guest posting has and will always have its own benefits. Despite the fact that many people say that guest posting is no longer a good practice, you can still get a lot of benefits from doing it the right way.

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

If you’d like to build relationships with influencers and other bloggers in your industry, guest blogging can definitely help you achieve that, as long as you’re not just submitting guest posts with the sole purpose of getting backlinks.

That being said, if you’re just submitting a guest post here because you want to get a backlink, don’t waste your time, it will not be published.

Guest posting can help you reach new audiences, which can also be reflected as traffic to your own blog and even potential clients.

Yes, you can get backlinks through guest posting, as long as you’re linking to relevant content that also adds value to the readers and the blog in which your posting.

Would You Like to Submit a Guest Post?

Here are the rules to submit your guest post at Web SEO Marketers:

  1. Your article must be original (Not published elsewhere), and at least 1500 words long.
  2. Must be about relevant topics (Blogging, SEO, Make Money Online, Traffic, WordPress, Social Media, etc.)
  3. Make sure to correct any spelling mistakes. You can use Grammarly to help you out.
  4. Articles with copyrighted images will not be accepted. You can go to Pixabay and find free images.
  5. You must include a featured image with your post.
  6. You must link to related content within our blog, the first link must be internal.
  7. You can also link to authoritative sites with relevant content and additional resources.
  8. You are allowed to include one relevant link to your own blog (No anchor text), however, all links will be moderated and may be removed if we find it inappropriate or spammy. No links to sales pages, landing pages, affiliated links or adult content.
  9. Content must be optimized for a longtail keyword. You can use the Free Yoast SEO plugin for that.
  10. By submitting your guest post, you give us the right to edit or modify the article as we deem necessary.
  11. If we find out the same content is later published somewhere else, we will remove it from our blog and do not accept any other guest post from you.
  12. By submitting your guest post, you accept responsibility to respond to all comments on your articles.

Submit your Guest Post

If you understand the requirements I’ve listed above and would like to move ahead and contribute to this blog, then fill out the following form with your information.

Please include 3 possible post titles for your guest post, and I’ll respond to you with the next steps as soon as I can.

To your success!