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Hi, buddies!

My name is Ronald Black, I’m 27 years old, and I am the founder of Web SEO Marketers. I am a young entrepreneur who likes spending time on the internet and also loves technology.

I launched Web SEO Marketers in December of 2016 with the purpose of helping other people learn how to earn money online and create a passive income stream.

Since I was studying at college, I understood that working for someone else during my entire life was not going to give me the quality of life I really wanted, I was always feeling that all my efforts were always going to be more beneficial to some else’s success than my own.

This way I have always been looking for a way to expand my own wings and start running a business that could, first of all, be my own thing and also take me as high as I wanted.

I have been blogging around for a little more than two years (December 2016), I have tried different niches, different techniques, and strategies, and since I am making a career out of these, there have also been many learned lessons that I’ll be sharing with you here.

Want to know more about me…?

Everybody has a reason, a motivation, one thing that gives you energy one you need it most. Well, I have three reasons, those are my wife and my two daughters.

This is me and my wife at a business conference.

One more thing about me, by the way… I love my wife!

Who is this for?

Web SEO marketers is intended to be a go-to-resource for people who want to learn how to start an online business, either a blog, online store or anything related to making money online. This is a place for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact with their online business, no matter what type of online business they have in mind.

You can expect me to be writing a lot about SEO since that is the key to the success of many Online Marketers and Blogger, not only myself. Search Engine Optimization helps people find you on the internet, instead of you finding them.

I was all crazy about social networks, Facebook and Twitter spamming before I learned SEO, I said it before, I have tried different strategies, but once I learned this, the whole way that I was looking at blogging just changed drastically for me. I am not saying with this that social network marketing does not work, indeed I love social networks, but I am not a fan of Spam anymore.

The main reason why I decided to create this particular blog, is because I want to share my experiences with other people out there and also be able to help them reach their dreams of living the internet lifestyle, having your own business, making your own money and being able to spend a good time with family it’s just priceless for me.

Why should you subscribe?

If you really want to become a serious blogger and learn how to be a successful marketer without investing your money on very expensive lessons or courses, then don’t miss my emails, you might also be missing a great opportunity.